Handling Wounds and Severe Bleeding

  • Blood loss from an artery is often bright red and if a major vessel is damaged, blood may come spurting out in synchronization with every heartbeat.
  • Blood loss from a vein will be dark red and may gush out profusely if a large vein is damaged.
  • If the nerves and tendons that run close to the blood vessels are damaged, then the casualty might experience loss of movement or feeling.
  • If signs of shock appear (shock indicates diminished supply of blood to the organs), call the emergency services immediately.
  • Always wear non-latex disposable gloves to protect yourself and the casualty from infections.
  • Always seek medical attention if a person is taking blood-thinning medication as even a minor injury will bleed profusely.
  • If the casualty becomes unconscious, open the airway and check the breathing. Be prepared to begin CPR.



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