Broken glass is the most dangerous and frequent reason behind causing clean-cut incised wounds which can bleed profusely.

Assessment of the wound

Expect to find the following signs if there is a glass wound:

Warning: Do not remove anything that is embedded in the wound as it could be plugging the wound and preventing…

What is a wound?

A wound is a break in the skin that allows blood to escape from the body (known as bleeding). Bleeding can be potentially serious as the fluid is lost from the circulatory system.

Bleeding is usually not that severe if it happens from the small vessels and capillaries. On the other hand, bleeding from the larger vessels, the arteries, and the veins is significantly life-threatening as the blood is lost at a faster pace.

Assessing the blood loss

The human body is one of its kind. It shows some strange and unique characteristics that might get tough to be understood. Let’s throw some light on one such phenomenon and how to tackle it the right way.

Nose bleeding is fairly common in human beings, especially children. It can be a result of exposure to cold, dry air, or a result of a minor injury, nose picking, or blowing too hard.

Sometimes the nose bleeding can be a sign of an underlying illness or injury.

Assessment of bleeding

It’s always advisable to seek medical advice if you notice any…

An obstruction in the flow of blood to the heart muscles is known as a Heart Attack. It’s mainly a result of a blood clot in the coronary vessels. The outcome of the situation depends on how much part of the heart muscle is affected and how quickly can the help be given to the casualty.

Note: Always call for emergency services rather than waiting for the symptoms to subside.

Assessing the Heart Attack


CPR is an emergency life-saving procedure that is used when a person’s heart stops beating. It is capable of doubling or tripling the chances of rescuing a life after a cardiac arrest. Your presence of mind might come in handy in saving a person’s life if such a situation arises. Read on to know more about how you can rescue a life by following some basic steps.

In an unconscious adult whose heart is not beating, immediately start the CPR that includes chest compressions and rescue breaths.

Note: Open the oral cavity of the casualty and check for breathing. …

During a medical emergency, unconsciousness is something that can petrify anyone near the casualty. Unconsciousness might not always suggest that things have gotten serious. Just taking care of a few basic steps and some prompt actions can help you steer through such a situation along with providing much-needed comfort to the casualty.

Let’s have a look at what can be done!

In an unconscious adult who is breathing normally, just place him/her in the recovery position (unless you suspect back injury). In such a position, his airway would be open and any fluid or vomit can drain out of the…

There are certain conditions that can invade your body and can cause some strange disturbance throughout. Our job is to make you recognize such conditions and minimize their impact. Let’s walk you through one such condition, its effects, and ways to overcome the same.

What is a seizure?

A seizure is an involuntary electrical disturbance in the brain triggered by a burst of excess electrical activity resulting in episodes of convulsions or loss of consciousness.

*In children, seizures can also be triggered by fever.

What to do when you come across a casualty having a seizure?

Follow these simple steps…

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a medical emergency caused either because of the diminished blood supply to the brain or a rupture of a blood vessel resulting in bleeding inside the brain. Early treatment is necessary to prevent serious damage.

Let’s walk you through a list of assessments and measures to equip you with the immediate steps that you can take if a similar circumstance arises around you.

Assessment of a Stroke

If there is a sudden onset of the following, these are the probable signs for having a stroke:

Choking in an unresponsive grown-up

Choking can get severe in certain cases where a person can become unresponsive after a certain interval due to excessive lack of breathing. This can frighten every person at the scene of casualty. Most people are not aware that keeping their presence of mind intact even in such a disastrous situation can help revive the casualty on the spot.

Read on to get an idea of what needs to be done in such circumstances.

How to provide relief to an unresponsive person from choking?

Call someone to activate the emergency response system…

Small kids and infants are relatively hard to tackle because of the lack of proper communication through words or expressions. In such circumstances, the risks and complexities involved are high and nobody would like to take a chance at any cost.

Choking in infants can be tough to identify as even the smallest object can obstruct their usual breathing process and eventually choke them. We always believe that it’s important to keep yourself one step ahead of any emergency. …


Spreading awareness about tackling accidental urgencies. Follow to always keep yourself one step ahead of emergency!

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